Carol Brennan

Carol Brennan“Welcome to my website.  Perhaps you’ll stay awhile and check out my six published novels.

Mystery and psychological suspense is my game and I’ll say that anyone searching for toxic conflict, for murderous emotion need look no further than the workplace, the church and… above all… the family. My stories, though plots and characters differ vastly, are all run through with a strong thread of family... the whole gamut: loyalty, love, betrayal.” 

  • "Distinctive prose voice." Philadelphia Inquirer
  • "Savvy ... utterly real." Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • "A stunner ... astonishingly fine." Cleveland Plain Dealer.
  • "Clever." New York Times.
  • "Characters so rounded you could hear their jagged breathing." Publishers Weekly
  • "Her writing has the power to stir."

Carol Brennan & Caroline Slate Novels

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Get the full collection of Carol Brennan & Caroline Slate novels at Amazon Books

Get the full collection of Carol Brennan novels at Amazon Books Get the full collection of Caroline Slate novels at Amazon Books

"Writing is the best revenge, At least it has been for me, more important, producing a novel is infinitely challenging, Even when it's done, you haven't totally wrestled it to the ground..... The possibilities are endless; there's always room for growth. For three hundred pages, the universe can be anything you think, feel, or imagine ..." Carol Brennan

Carol Brennan Novels

Writing As Caroline Slate


The intricacy of the deception in Slate's second novel will appeal to readers of psychological suspense. Library Journal