In The Dark by Carol Brennan

In The Dark An intriguing new suspense novel from Carol Brennan the author of two previous novels, Headhunt (1991) and Full Commission (1993), featuring PR sleuth Liz Wareham. Now, Brennan presents In The Dark, a gripping suspense novel which features a daring new heroine, actress Emily Silver. Orphaned at the age of nine when her parents were slain in New York by a Mel Torme-voiced murderer, Emily has since built a successful career on the West Coast. But then she hears the killer's distinctive androgynous voice in a darkened movie house and is jolted into a search for the truth about the 20-year-old deaths.

When her lover, Mike Florio, is killed soon after agreeing to help her, Emily embarks on a fast-paced New York/Key West/L. A. search, aided by Mike's New York friend, Dev Hannagan, who reads Stendahl in French, spouts Latin and endures his writer's block by detecting. Quickly becoming a love interest, Dev is only one in a rich cast that includes Emily's dowager grandmother, an aging gay actor, a mysterious police sergeant and a nun. Brennan's tight, intricate plot gradually elucidates the toll her "narcissistic bisexual satyr" of a father exacted from those around him.

In The Dark is to woman-in-jeopardy thrillers as "The Silence of the Lambs" is to serial killer novels, and its my favorite mystery of the year so far. - Cleveland Plain Dealer

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